Toy Safety Advisory Service

All members of the BTHA have access to a free confidential safety advisory service to assist with safety related issues.

One of the main roles of the BTHA is to help ensure toy safety and toy business goes hand in hand. The BTHA does this in three ways:

  • We work hard to try to stop unworkable legislation negatively affecting the way our members are able to conduct their business.
  • We utilise industry expertise from within member companies to break down new legislation into understandable information and guidance documents.
  • We provide safety advice to keep our members up to date with all the latest information via safety advisory calls, visits, conferences, webinars and newsletters.

Safety Advisory Service

In the first instance the service allows our members to ask, free of charge, about any safety issue to which our safety advisor will help with the query in a confidential and sympathetic environment.

There is a limit to the amount of advice that we can offer and the type of advice that can be offered without detailed knowledge of the product or trading conditions. The advisory service may point members in the right direction and answer straightforward questions, but is limited to a few questions per year for each member due to the size of membership. However, where the advice becomes consultancy, which would require product samples or a more lengthy discussion, we would suggest the subsidised consultancy offer detailed below or that our members investigate the costs of independent consultancy.

Subsidised Consultancy

The BTHA has expanded the advisory service to offer members a more detailed level of advice.

The BTHA will subsidise a visit by one of our safety advisors to come to your offices and help with any technical advice on your products. The cost for the day would normally be £400 plus expenses. However, the BTHA will subsidise the visit by £200 to ensure members have low cost access to safety advice. Visits are limited to two visits per member per year as availability of experts allow.