Speaking up for reputable toymakers
and those who play with our toys


The BTHA is the voice of reputable UK toy manufacturers. We work hard to protect and promote the interests of our membership of responsible toy makers at a national, European and international level and to highlight the issues caused by illegal toy traders.

Don't Toy With Children's Safety

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Our Pledge

To put toy safety first and to hold online marketplaces accountable to keep UK children safe.

I have been a strong supporter of the BTHA in its fight against illegal and dangerous toys sold by third party sellers on online marketplaces. Many parents have turned to these online giants to source toys and games to educate and entertain their children since the onset of COVID-19 and many are unaware that these sellers may not adhere to the rigorous safety standards we expect from products sold in the UK. The BTHA’s important investigation has shed light on the prolific sale of these goods and the lack of responsibility for their regulation, I fully support their calls for accountability, more effective enforcement and improved consumer protection.

Neil Coyle MPMember of Parliament for Bermondsey and Old Southwark and BTHA Local MP

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Our latest work


We campaign on behalf of reputable toy makers concerned about fake and illegal products. Read more about the BTHA’s work around third-party sellers on online marketplaces.


Sector Representation

The BTHA carries out regular consultations with government on behalf of members on any area which impacts their business.

BTHA  Advocacy Sector Representation

The BTHA carries out regular consultations with government on behalf of members on any area which impacts their business.

Calls for Government Action

Future of Exhaustion of IP rights Consultation - BTHA Consultation Response

Industry Letter to Prime Minister - Global Shipping Disruption

BTHA response to the BEIS Product Safety Review call for evidence

Toy Retail Essential List - Letter to Boris Johnson

Toy Retail Essential List - Letter to Nicola Sturgeon

Toy Retail Essential List - Letter to Mark Drakeford

Toy Retail Essential List - Letter to Arlene Foster

BTHA Extended Producer Responsibility Consultation

EU Withdrawal Regulatory Requirements - Industry Letter to Michael Gove

BTHA Letter to Paul Scully MP

Letter to Andrew Laughton from Paul Scully MP

Letter to Boris Johnson PM - Call for toys to be made an essential item

Chemicals in toys

BTHA final response to chemical regulation in toys post Brexit consultation - 23.03.20

Connected labelling

BTHA response to the consultation on the governments regulatory proposals regarding consumer internet of things security - 23.03.20

ISO marketing

BTHA response to iso's new work item proposal guidance for advertising and marketing that affect children - 23.03.20

Age appropriate design

BTHA covering letter for the ICO contribution to age appropriate design consultation - 23.03.20

BTHA connected toy age evidence - 23.03.20

BTHA final age appropriate design code consultation response - 23.03.20


BTHA Response on the Consultation on consistency of household and business recycling collections in England - 23.03.20

BTHA Response on the Consultation on Reforming the UK packaging producer responsibility system - 23.03.20

BTHA HM Treasury Plastic Packaging Tax - 26.08.20


BTHA response to the DCMS consultation on Online Harms White Paper - 23.03.20



Trade Submissions

Members are invited to look at the submissions made by the BTHA to the Department of International Trade and the negotiating team within The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

International Trade Agreements

As the UK leaves the EU the country needs to have deals in place to trade with other nations. Without trade deals companies will find it more difficult to trade due to technical differences with product standards, that can sometimes be overcome during negotiations. It can also be more expensive as tariff rates need to be negotiated via Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).

The BTHA has been actively engaged on behalf of members on many discussions during the EU Brexit negotiating process. Over the past 12 months the BTHA has increasingly represented members on issues that need to be addressed as part of Free Trade Agreements with other countries. Here you can find the recent submissions (dated with the submission date – please be aware additional more recent conversations may be ongoing but this date is the most recent formal written submission) and guides for members to help you to understand the safety differences between nations you may be trading with.

Below the formal submissions and guidance you will find a series of explainers that accompany the FTAs to explain some of the technical terms and how they impact member companies. We hope these give more information to guide members through this relatively new process for the UK.  We hope that these will help you to feel confident in submitting comments about the impact of trade agreements on your business so the BTHA can represent your views to government. If you have feedback on the BTHA submissions, or would like to give input to the BTHA for consideration in future discussions, please email

BTHA submission on FTA negotiations with Canada, India and Mexico
Date submitted: 9th July 2021

BTHA follow up letter to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on RoHS Requirements
Date submitted: 6th May 2021

BTHA position on UK CPTPP membership
Date submitted: 12th March 2021

BTHA letter to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on RoHS Requirements
Date submitted: 8th February 2021

BTHA submission on the EU FTA to HoL committee
Date submitted: 29th June 2020

USA FTA submission to House of Lords
Date submitted: 25th June 2020

UK US Trade Deal: toy sector white paper
Date submitted: 3rd June 2020

EU BTHA submission
Date submitted: 25th May 2020


Understanding Free Trade Agreements

What are Parallel Trade and Exhaustion Rights?

What are Rules of Origin?

Free Trade Agreement Guide



Some of the issues we represent our members on:

Toy safety

Ethical manufacturing

Environmental issues

Responsible marketing to children and families

Data protection

Connected toys

Intellectual property


To support our advocacy work we commission research, attend meetings with MPs and civil servants, and host events on behalf of members.


We work with government, regulators and enforcement bodies in the UK to put forward the interests of British toy makers to ensure that we have the best possible regulatory regime which protects both responsible toy businesses and the children that play with our products.

In all the advocacy work we do we consider the interests of children and their families and their ability to learn through playing with our members’ toys. In doing so we are constantly monitoring legislative issues on behalf of our members to identify and address opportunities and threats to the toy business. We advocate from the beginning of the legislative process to ensure that the industry’s position is understood when new rules are being created, right through to implementation to ensure these rules are properly and fairly enforced.


We remain an active member of Toy Industries of Europe (TIE) which brings together national toy associations from across Europe as well as toy companies. Collaboratively, we work to engage with the European institutions on a multitude of legislative issues which impact toy businesses. We continue to work with European colleagues and policy makers in the changing European marketplace. The BTHA has been active in identifying impacts to the toy business as a result of Brexit and has engaged with politicians to highlight those issues over the past two years, as well as finding solutions for members and offering advice and training for companies to understand the business impacts.

The BTHA, through direct membership, and via members and experts, will continue to participate in standards committees and expert groups wherever those avenues remain open to UK industry.


We monitor the global toy landscape on behalf of members.  We are a member of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) , with a membership made up of toy trade associations from across the globe. We come together twice a year to identify emerging threats and opportunities and to share best practice from around the world.