BTHA Environmental Studies

To support our environmental sustainability work and ongoing commitment to reduce our industry’s environmental impact we commission independent research.

We commissioned a study in 2012 to investigate the levels of toy and hobby packaging. Approximately 0.7% of retail packaging that enters the home comes from toy and hobby products and it is estimated that 90% of toy packaging could be recycled, of which 72-73% presently is. Toy packaging has a critical function as primarily it is there to protect toys and ensure that children have undamaged, safe toys to play with when they receive them. Toy packaging must also carry important safety information, a legal requirement of all UK toy companies.

When looking at how to improve the environmental impact of toys, it is important to understand the life of a toy. The BTHA has conducted surveys with parents of children to understand what happens to toys when they are no longer played with, the channel for passing on unwanted toys, and the main drivers for passing on unwanted toys, amongst other things.