The Golden Teddy Awards

Do you know someone in the toy industry who deserves to win a “people’s Oscar”? Why not nominate them for a Golden Teddy?

Inaugurated in May 2001, the Golden Teddy Awards were created to reward worthy individuals from all levels of the toy industry whose individual contribution and dedication over the years deserves public recognition.

Golden Teddies are awarded to candidates who have served the industry for more than 15 years. They are designed to recognise ordinary people with extraordinary talents, people who go over and above expectations and who are the industry’s genuinely nice people. The winners are announced and presented by the BTHA at special events up to three times a year.

Nominees need a proposer and a seconder and all nominations will be considered on their merits by a special committee within the BTHA Council.  The committee will consider nominees currently working in the toy industry who possess a degree of ‘niceness, honesty and integrity’. Nominees can work in any sector of the toy industry, in any capacity.

If you know an individual who is worthy of being recognised for a Golden Teddy Award please use the downloads below.

For more information please contact Matt Jones

Golden Teddy Award Winners

2011 Winners

Barry Walker, Bob Nicholls, George Prentice, Gordon Parker, Paul Edey, Bob Henderson

2010 Winners

Alan Maton, Keith Frost, Mike Gibson, Keith Lister, Bryan Slaven, Graham Thompson

2009 Winners

Ian Kenyon, John Baulch, Leslie Vargerson, Rob Todhunter

2008 Winners

Roy Gray, Colin Farrow, Mike Edwards, Margaret Stillwell, Roger Howard

2007 Winners

Daryl Scrivens, Colin Crawford, Peter Crispin, Ellen Heathershaw

2006 Winners

Jimmy Hunter, Val Stedham, Alan Caswell, Kate Burchill

2005 Winners

John Oakley, Roger Aldis

2004 Winners

Reg Enderby, Peter Davis, Ardyn Mitchell, John Nicholas

2003 Winners

Michael Stevens, Geoff Pearson, Gael McCallum, Jim Osborne, Christine Leahy, Brenda Blackman

2002 Winners

Frank Yorke, David Ross, Colin Fox, Margaret Goldie, David Hawtin, Alice Roach

2001 Winners

Malcolm Naish, Ken Wallman, Isabelle Gilmour, Keith Ansell, Hugh Newson