EU Environmental Requirements

Toy companies have to comply with various sustainability directives and regulations in the European Union. The requirements cover issues such as sourcing sustainable materials, as well as producer responsibility obligations for preparing batteries, electrical and electronic goods for recycling and reuse. We produce guidance documents to help our members understand and comply with these regulations.

French Labelling Requirements

French Decree No. 2014-1577 requires that recyclable products carry the Triman logo in France since 2015.

The rules are have changed and continue to be updated. We are aware that many of our members are shipping products to France and as such must comply with the new labelling and waste sorting information requirements.

This guide gives a summary of the most pertinent labelling requirements for toys. There are other requirements that may apply. It is recommended users of this guide check the Regulations and the guidance given for each product type, as listed below.

This guide covers the labelling requirements only; BTHA members, if obligated, will need to ensure they have memberships of the correct schemes and are paying the producer responsibility fees accordingly.

BTHA French Triman Guide

Green Dot® Model

Since January 2023, it is no longer mandatory to display the Green Dot® symbol on packaging anywhere in the world. However, if toy companies print the symbol on packaging, they must still license it appropriately. The following guide signposts how to licence the Green Dot for use around the world.

Green Dot Usage Worldwide