UK Interpretations Group

The BTHA hosts the UK Interpretations committee and has invited test laboratories, manufacturers, importers and retailers to identify interpretation issues experienced when using published standards and Directives.

The results of the deliberations are shown in the published interpretations on this site.  Interpretations are often forwarded to Standards’ Committees for review.  Where it is considered to be useful, an interim interpretation is given by the UK interpretation committee.

Interpretations are made with our best understanding at the time of the request.  Where appropriate discussion points have also been recorded.

It is important to note that often, interpretational issues are addressed in new versions of the standards and these should always be referred to in the first instance, as they may be contrary to the interpretation given by the Interpretations committee. Furthermore, the interpretations given in CEN report CEN/TR 15371 parts 1 and 2 Safety of toys – Replies to requests for interpretation should be read first.  Interpretations given in the CEN report take precedence over those given by the UK Interpretations Committee. It should be noted that the interpretation given by CEN may differ from that given by the UK interpretations group and that UK interpretations have not been updated to reflect this.

Given interpretations are dated and are not changed to reflect any contrary interpretations given by updated standards or the CEN report because users could still be relying on the interpretations given at that time.

Interpretations that are known to be superseded by a standard or that have been interpreted by CEN/TR 15371 are no longer published.  A list of interpretations that have been made that are not published can be found here:

List of Superseded Interpretations

Members requiring a copy of one of these interpretations should Contact the BTHA

EN71 Part 5

This section will be updated as new Interpretations become available.