Apply for Membership

Becoming a BTHA Member

There are five main requirements for membership of the Association:


The applicant:

  1.   Must be involved in the British toy and hobby industry.
  2.    Must be trading in the UK
  3.    Must only deal in products which conform to the essential safety requirements of the Toy Safety Directive.
  4.   Must carry out all the obligations required of the company as required by the Toy Safety Directive.
  5.   Must hold the technical documentation required by the Toy Safety Directive and the documentation to demonstrate that the obligations have been carried out.

If you wish to apply for either full or associate membership, please contact the membership administrator, Tracey Butcher, at the Association on 020 7701 7271 or email, who will advise you accordingly.

Full Membership


Full membership is open to persons, firms or companies being suppliers of products related to the toy and hobby industry whose standing in the United Kingdom is such, as in the opinion of Council, to render them eligible for membership of the Association. Full members pay a subscription fee according to their UK toy-related turnover for the last 12 month financial period.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is available to persons, firms or companies not falling within the full member specification detailed above.