Responsible Marketing

Responsible marketing to families is an important part of the work of a toy manufacturer. That’s why our members sign our annual Code of Practice to ensure that all marketing and advertising of toys is responsible, legal, decent, honest, and truthful. They must abide by the BCAP Code (The UK Code of Broadcast Advertising) and the CAP Code (UK Code of Non-Broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing).

The UK toy industry is self-regulating and allows the industry to move quickly to adopt best practice when new media or technology becomes available. We ask in our annual declaration from members that where regulation does not already exist, that they apply the spirit of existing codes to new media. We promote best practice to members, promote the available tools for the industry to responsibly self-regulate marketing campaigns, and update our own codes and guidelines to reflect new media and technologies.

We also provide members with continuous updates, as well as free training seminars with external bodies, on the latest marketing and advertising regulations.

Age Restricted Guidance

Age restricted products have a minimum age of purchase which is enforced at retail stores by Trading Standards. The BTHA guidance note sets out some factors toy companies should consider in relation to references to age restricted products which may feature in your goods and any marketing activity related to those goods.

BTHA Age Restricted Products Guidance

Media Smart

As part of our work in the area of responsible marketing, we are a proud supporter of Media Smart, a media literacy programme for 7 to 16-year-olds. Media Smart provides free education materials for schools and youth organisations, parents and guardians, making sure children are media literate and understand and are aware of advertising and marketing practices.

Access Media Smart website here