BTHA Guidance

Providing information and insights on issues impacting the toy industry.

Toy Safety

Safety in all aspects of toy design and manufacturing, is the biggest priority for us and our members. To ensure that children can enjoy playing with our members toys safely, members are required to adhere to our Code of Practice, and ensure that all products conform to the required standards and the Toys (Safety) Regulations.

Legislation Trackers

The BTHA tracks changes to both GB and EU safety legislation to help members keep informed.

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Toys (Safety) Regulations Guidance

The Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011 control the safety of toys in the UK.

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Chemical Guidance

Toys are required to comply with many chemical standards, regulations and directives. These requirements cover both safety and environmental aspects.

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Electrical toys and supplied batteries are subject to standards, regulations and directives. These requirements cover both safety and environmental aspects.

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Safety Standards & Interpretations

BTHA members get free access to standards and provide regular updates to show how these are being developed.

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Toy Safety Directive

The Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC) controls the safety of toys in the EU.

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Other Guides

The BTHA has other safety guides including food imitation, grey area products, and age labelling of toys.

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Coordinated Primary Authority Partnership

The BTHA has a Primary Authority Partnership with Milton Keynes to provide robust, bespoke advice.

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Toy Safety Advisory Service

All members of the BTHA have access to a free confidential safety advisory service to assist with safety related issues.

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Recalls & Corrective Actions

The PAS 7100 is a code of practice on consumer related recalls and other corrective actions.

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Warnings & Symbols

There are a range of safety warnings and symbols that are shown on toys and their packaging.

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Promoting environmental sustainability is a core part of our work at the BTHA. Our members make an annual commitment to reduce their environmental impact across product and packaging design, production and distribution wherever possible.

Legislation Trackers

The BTHA tracks changes to both GB and EU environmental legislation to help members keep informed.

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Supporting sustainability in toys and packaging

A series of BTHA guides for businesses and consumers to support more environmentally sustainable solutions and practices.

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UK Environmental Requirements

Toy businesses are required to comply with a range of UK environmental legislation.

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European Environmental Requirements

Toys sold in the EU have to comply with a range of EU-wide and local country environmental legislation.

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Environmental Studies

The BTHA commissions independent research to support our work to reduce the toy industry’s environmental impact.

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Data Protection

We provide information for members to help them comply with data protection legislation. We also facilitate contributions to discussions on offering services, play and communications with children and their families.

Data & Privacy Requirements

The BTHA produces guidance documents to support compliance with data protection legislation.

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Connected Toys

Interactive toys make up less than 1% of toys sold in the UK, but are likely to become increasingly popular. Connected toys are legislated in both the UK and EU. We have produced guidance to help members manage the risks associated with connected devices.

Security Requirements

The UK and EU have security requirements for relevant connectable products including toys.

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Responsible Marketing

Open and honest communication with children is important to BTHA members. We require members to sign our Code of Practice each year to ensure that they commit to responsible and ethical marketing to children and their families, as well as providing them with advice on how to comply with the latest rules and regulations.

Communicating with children

Responsible communication with children and their families is essential to the work of toy companies.

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Ethical Manufacturing

Ethical manufacturing is key to being a member of the BTHA. Our members are required to apply appropriate ethical standards in factories used for the manufacture of toys.

Ethical Manufacturing Commitment

BTHA members declare their compliance with the principles contained in the ICTI Care Code.

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Conflict Materials

Conflict minerals are mined in conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses, and traded by armed groups.

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Modern Slavery Act

Companies are required to comply with UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 to ensure their supply chains are slavery free.

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We strive to keep members informed with the most up to date advice and guidance on industry-related trade issues. We support our members in protecting their intellectual property and barriers to trade.

Intellectual Property

Toy companies need strong intellectual property rights to protect their brand, ideas, and inventions.

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Legal Advice

The BTHA receives legal advice to support its members with trade issues.

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The BTHA created a series of guides to help its members through the Brexit process.

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