The BTHA exists to promote best practice and excellence in all aspects of product design, toy safety, ethical manufacturing, environmental issues and responsible marketing and by so doing protect and promote the interests of our members.

Industry Resources

The BTHA works with experts across a range of business concerns to help responsible companies in their business practices to simplify the path to conformity, to guide best practice where there is a lack of regulation, and to provide insights specific to the toy sector.

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Toy safety

Safety in all aspects of toy design and manufacturing, is the biggest priority for us and our members.
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Promoting environmental sustainability is a core part of our work at the BTHA
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Ethical Manufacturing

Ethical manufacturing is key to being a member of the BTHA. Our members are required to apply appropriate ethical standards in factories used for the manufacture of toys.
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The BTHA provides a weekly news update highlighting important news impacting the business of toys, exclusively for members.