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Still Toying With Children’s Safety

Still Toying with Children’s Safety aims to identify and stop the sale of unsafe toys being sold by third-party sellers via online marketplaces. We believe that online marketplaces should ensure all toys that are available to purchase are safe and we have been calling for a law change to stop dangerous toys being sold in the UK.

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2022 Report - Still Toying with Children's Safety
Published 21 Nov 2022
2021 Report - Still Toying with Children's Safety
Published 5 Oct 2021
2020 Report - Don't Toy with Children's Safety
Published 5 Oct 2020
2019 Report - Don't Toy with Children's Safety
Published 6 June 2019

The Crocodile Story

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Online Marketplaces Report - The Crocodile Story
Published July 2023

Consumer Advice

Top 5 tips for buying toys online


Be more careful about buying from third-party sellers on online marketplaces - don’t assume that any safety tests have been carried out.

Do some research before you buy - purchase a branded product and compare the toy against the company’s own website.

Be careful of going for the cheapest price, check who the seller is and see which country they are based in.

Once you receive your toy, check if it has a UK address, check for a CE or UKCA mark and see if the packaging looks genuine.

When your child opens a toy, stay with them and check for faults, detachable small parts, access to stuffing and loose or accessible batteries or magnets.

Check for fakes and illicit goods before you buy online

Vistalworks have developed a new online tool which allows you to check products before you buy them and reduce the likelihood of harm. This technology is still in its development phase, which means it is currently restricted to a range of products on sale on eBay, Amazon and some independent weblinks.

Visit Vistalworks website

Simply paste in a listing URL here and you will get an indication of whether the product appears to be legitimate or not:

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