Batteries & Accumulators

When dealing with batteries in toys, manufacturers should be aware of two sets of regulations in the UK.

  • The Batteries and Accumulators (Placing on the Market) Regulations 2015
  • The Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009

The guidance below covers the first piece of regulation which outlines the rules for toy companies regarding the placing on the market of batteries and accumulators, and in particular those containing specified hazardous substances.

Toy companies operating in the EU will need to comply with the Batteries and Waste Regulation. The new Batteries and Waste Regulation introduces stronger requirements to deal with making batteries more sustainable, easier to use and keeping consumers better informed. The legislation regulates the entire life cycle of a battery, from production to reuse and recycling.

The BTHA has produced a fact sheet for BTHA members to help compliance in this area.