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Connected Toys

Interactive toys make up less than 1% of toys sold in the UK, but are likely to become increasingly popular.  We have produced a guidance document for members to refer to when manufacturing toys to help them manage the risks associated with connected devices.

Connected Toys Guide

We have produced a guide on connected toys to help members understand the factors they should consider when developing or distributing toys that connect to the internet. There are a number of difficult areas to navigate when developing connected toys. This guide aims to help members consider issues from product design and function through to data use, privacy and security.

Government to introduce cybersecurity legislation

MT2P Consumer Guidance on Connected Toys for Social media

BTHA Guidance on Connected Toys

BTHA Connected Toys and the Internet of Things - The New Risks

Internet of Things: No Universal Default Passwords Guide

Internet of Things: Software Updates Guide

Internet of Things: Manage Vulnerability Reports Guide

Useful Links

Secure by Design report

Government Cyber Security information

Code of Practice for Consumer IOT Security

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