Yordas Helix

Yordas Helix (formerly Yordas Hive) is a powerful, comprehensive, time-saving and cost effective software solution for regulatory compliance. With a database of almost 250,000 substances and more than 600 global regulations, Yordas Helix helps toy manufacturers stay up to date with their obligations.

With a growing focus on product stewardship, toy manufacturers are under increasing pressure to ensure that their products comply with appropriate chemical legislation. The presence of heavy metals, plasticisers and other hazardous chemicals in toys and paints is a growing public concern, and as manufacturers or retailers you will have to keep an eye on your supply chain to ensure that your obligations are being met.

The Yordas Helix software is the perfect solution for organisations that are struggling to monitor regulations associated with complex supply chains or are simply wanting a comprehensive reference tool to help stay compliant.

This interactive online tool is continually updated by the Yordas Helix team.
(Please remember that printed data may become out of date and the online information should be checked regularly).

As a service to its members, the BTHA has secured a group licence to use Yordas Helix, free of charge to full members. The software does not require detailed chemical knowledge, but a broad understanding of chemical regulations would be useful.

If you are a full BTHA member and would like to sign up to use Yordas Helix, please forward your company details and contact name to Tracey Butcher.

Members who want to use Yordas Helix for their own chemicals’ management and take advantage of the additional features available in the Yordas Helix Professional Editions (e.g. customised alerts, making your own lists, adding company-specific information), can take out an individual company licence and will benefit from a 25% discounted rate.

For more information including prices and key features, please visit the Yordas Helix website below.

Access Yordas Helix website here