The BTHA SVHC spreadsheet has been updated to reflect the latest 240 restricted substances as of 23rd January 2024.

The additional substances below are applicable in the EU and NI only. These substances have not yet been added to GB REACH.

The new substances are listed below:

Two high risk substances for toy materials



Both of these substances are used as UV light stabilisers in polymers and could be present above 0.1%. These are compatible with many polymers but specific use has been identified in ABS, PP, PE, PC and PVC.

Three low risk substances for toy materials


Mainly used as a fuel additive and therefore its use or presence in toys is unlikely.


Mainly used as UV photoinitiator and therefore used in UV curing resins and coatings. Presence above 0.1% in articles is considered unlikely.

Oligomerisation and alkylation reaction products of 2-phenylpropene and phenol

REACH registration data indicates primary use in adhesives, paints and putties but no evidence of direct use in toys has been identified.

Download the latest BTHA SVHC spreadsheet or access via the REACH page.

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