Innovation & Altruism

In this unprecedented year, the BTHA recognises that retailers have faced huge challenges


Retailers across the UK have gone above and beyond in 2020.

In light of this remarkable year, recognition in this year’s BTHA Retailer of the Year Awards will be given to retailers that have done extraordinary things during this challenging year. These special awards will be given to retailers whose actions distinguish them from others.

Special Recognition is the theme for the 2020 Toy Retailer of the Year Awards in areas above and beyond normal service.

Tell us your story

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Has your company achieved something amazing this year?

Judges will consider stories from retailers that demonstrate altruism and innovation.

special initiatives in the local community
innovative ways of toy retailing during the COVID-19 pandemic
charitable work
help for employees
initiatives or projects which have helped others or your businesses to succeed
Any special  measures to assist suppliers during the year
remodelling of your business to meet the changing retail landscape

Is there a hero in your team?

We would also love to hear from retailers who have employees or team members that have undertaken heroic actions for their company. This may be an employee or team member or perhaps even a whole staff team that have gone the extra mile for customers or local community in some way. Please tell us about them.