Application for Membership

Part 2

Membership Fees

For calculation of turnover members should note that:


  • Associated companies shall be deemed to be separate units and shall pay a subscription based on the sales of each company.
  • Sales by companies that are subsidiaries of other member companies shall be aggregated with those made by the parent company, and the subscription rate shall be calculated by the BTHA by reference to the total sales of the group: additionally, each subsidiary company shall pay a subscription of £320.00 plus VAT (total £384).
  • Where a company is engaged on work other than the manufacture, the assembly and/or the handling of toys/playthings sale may for the purpose of calculating turnover exclude the price of an item that is not eligible for display at the British Toy Fair.  Where a member has items, in whole or part, made by a sub-contractor, through outworkers or otherwise, those items eligible for display at the Toy Fair shall fall for inclusion in the computation of the sale figures, as also shall items or parts made overseas and imported by a member either for us in the manufacture/assembly process or for sale under an exclusive selling arrangement.

Sales at manufacturers prices (net invoiced) Rate of subscription in pence per £100 of sales (calculate to nearest £100) Subject to a minimum rate of subscription (exclusive of VAT)
A Up to – £499,000 17.71p £320
B £500,000 – £999,999 10.52p £880
C £1,000,000 – £1,999,999 8.24p £1,050
D £2,000,000 – £3,999,999 5.78p £1,645
E £4,000,000 – £7,999,999 5.24p £2,310
F £8,000,000 – £19,999,999 4.79p £4,190
G Over £20,000,000 2.78p £9,575

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