BTHA 80th Anniversary

80 years of championing toys


The BTHA is proud to turn 80 years old in 2024.

To mark the occasion, we have produced an anniversary video showcasing the work that the Association does on behalf of its members and the wider toy industry. The BTHA is an industry-led organisation and is the thriving Association it is today because of its members and the people within member companies who have dedicated their time to supporting the work of the BTHA to the benefit of the whole UK toy industry.

There are many issues that the BTHA represents its members on that have changed over time, and the services offered to our membership have grown to meet the changing demands of the toy industry. However, despite this and the passing of 80 years, our purpose and mission remain the same; to protect and promote the interests of responsible businesses.

We asked leading industry figures who have a long history contributing to the work of the BTHA to share their experiences of the Association which can be read below.


Watch our Anniversary Video