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As part of BTHA membership, we strive to keep members informed with the most up to date advice and guidance on industry related issues.

Trade Guide

Keeping our members up to date with the latest advice and guidance on trade and legal issues is a core part of our service to members.

Our solicitors, DLA Piper, offer our members an initial FREE 15-minute telephone consultation for members who have legal queries that require a quick response. The BTHA communications and public affairs team can help with any other business queries with expert help on IP, combatting illegal toys, customs issues and other issues. Contact for help with business queries.

There are a few questions which are frequently asked by members and from those we have developed some guidance for members.

SnapDragon Online Protection Update

Asmodee Case study for 'Dobble' from SnapDragon

Snapdragon Advice on Distribution

Agent Contracts Advice

How do I set up a wholly owned company in China?

Routes to enforcing against counterfeiting toys

Useful Links

We are a member of the Alliance for Intellectual Property, which works to ensure that intellectual property rights receive the protection they need and deserve. You can read more about the work of the Alliance below.

 Alliance for Intellectual Property

Please see below for other useful links regarding IP and trade issues;

Government advice on intellectual property
Intellectual Property Office
DLA PIPER insights
GOV business support

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