The Toy Trust receives many requests for donations on a weekly basis. Each request is evaluated against a set of criteria (see below).

Please note this form cannot be completed online.
Please print & complete offline and return by email to

If your charity fulfils the criteria below and you wish to make an application for funding from the Toy Trust, download and complete the application form. Return the completed form along with latest set of accounts and any relevant documents to the address indicated on the application form.

For further information please call 020 7701 7271

All applications should:


1. Be supported by a registered Charity number
2. Have supporting up to date financial accounts
3. Come from a charity that has been running for a minimum of one full year
4. Be in support of disadvantaged children aged below 13 years
5. Be in support of children and projects regardless of faith, sex or disability
6. Be for less than £5000 unless a compelling case can be put forward
7. Show real benefit for relieving hardship and suffering to beneficiaries
8. Not be for individual cases without compelling reasons
9. Be for equipment and services but generally NOT for salaries, wages and research
10. Demonstrate effective fund raising effectiveness by the applicant
11. Not be for books or publishing unless for compelling reasons
12. The applicants accounts must show a ratio of administration and overhead to income of less than 30%
13. The applicants accounts must have unrestricted net assets of not more than £200,000 or of less than one year’s income
14. Should the applicant not provide a set of accounts by the time the applications are submitted to the committee for approval that application will be declined.
15. Applications are accepted from organisations based in the UK and Ireland but applications will also be considered from organisations around the world who have a UK based office.
16. Successful applicants cannot reapply for funding for 2 years. This in turn will allow the Toy Trust to distribute funds fairly given the large volume of applications we receive.
17. The Toy Trust reserves the right, when funds are available, to make a larger and longer commitment for special projects.