What is the Toy Trust Big Toy Sale?

From Monday 16th – Friday 20th November 2015, the Toy Trust is inviting companies from within the toy industry to get involved in the Toy Trust Big Toy Sale.

The Toy Trust Big Toy Sale is an opportunity for companies to take part in a brand new event which aims to raise funds for the Toy Trust and the many charities it is supporting in 2015, by hosting a table-top sale within your company of returned or unsold stock and including existing stock as well if you wish.

Throughout the year, your company may well receive returned stock where packaging has been damaged or lines of stock have been discontinued, but the product is otherwise in good working order. We are encouraging you to use this as an opportunity to get onboard and host a sale of your own.

We understand that a number of companies in the industry already do this – and if you do, why not dedicate your funds to the Toy Trust this time?

The pricing of products remains up to individual companies, but in order to maximise sales you may wish to consider some pricing promotions to encourage greater participation.

The Toy Trust Big Toy Sale allows your company to sell this unsold stock, provides a feel good factor for your team and raises money for charity all at the same time!  Toys and products that are sold may provide an ideal solution for Christmas presents or gifts!

In order to make this as straight forward as possible we have created a guide for you on how to get involved below.




  Join the conversation!  We want the industry to share their experiences throughout the week, so please follow the Toy Trust on Twitter and use the hashtag #toytrustbigtoysale to share your experiences.


You will need to create a designated space to display the products you are selling. Is there a space or room in your office that can be used to host the sale? From the staff canteen to the car park there is no limit! If you are expecting larger numbers, you may wish to consider a ticket or limited time slot process to make it fair to everyone.


The Toy Trust Big Toy Sale will last for 1 week in November 2015 starting on Monday 16th and finishing on Friday 20th November 2015. You can decide which day/s and time best suits you and your company… but we encourage you to take part at some point during this designated week.


The Toy Trust will be supporting a number of children’s charities in 2015, all of which work to better the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK and abroad.  The Toy Trust Big Toy Sale will allow the charity to distribute to even more money to charities which are changing children’s lives.





 How do I get involved?

We understand that every company will have a different approach to hosting their sale so to make the process of hosting your sale as straight forward as possible we have created a useful step by step guide of things to consider before getting started;

1. Decide on a date for your sale.

Choose a suitable space to host your sale. Firstly, you will need to consider how much stock will be sold and the space needed to display it. Make sure you allow enough room for people to safely access and move around the sale displays.

3. Furniture. Ensure the right size and number of tables or displays for all your products. Create a ‘pay station’ where buyers can hand over money for their goods.

4. How many people you will be expecting to take part? If you are expecting a high number of people, you may want to introduce a ticketing system with time slots to ensure everyone has an equal chance to buy products.

5. Pricing. Consider having specific price brackets for certain products and then display them separately. For example, a display table for products priced at £5, £10, £20+.

Important – decide on whether your sale will be cash only or whether you will have means for other payment methods. If your sale is cash only, ensure you have a float so that change can be given if necessary.

6. Promote your sale. Download a copy of the ‘Toy Trust Big Toy Sale’ poster (above) and put it up in a public place in your office so that people know where and when your sale is taking place. You may also send a copy of the poster to your colleagues to increase awareness.

7. Once your sale has taken place, please make a cheque for the amount you have raised payable to The Toy Trust.  Then post to Tracey Butcher, The Toy Trust, 80 Camberwell Road, London SE5 0EG and ensure you include a note stating that your cheque is in relation to the ‘Toy Trust Big Toy Sale’.


For more information or if you have any queries please contact Matt Jones by email Matt@btha.co.uk or call 020 7701 7127