Safety in the design and manufacture of toys is the BTHA’s highest priority and all members of the BTHA are required to adhere to the Code of Practice and ensure that all products conform to the relevant toy standards such as EN 71 and, where appropriate, EN 62115 (electrical toys). The toy industry also has to take into consideration the following pieces of legislation and further standardisation:

PDF BTHA Standards List for Toys and related product categories

The above list gives examples of the typical legislation often applied to toys and toy related categories. It is not exhaustive. Companies must ensure the appropriate legislation is applied to their products. Full members can get access to this list of standards via the BTHA [btha icon type=’link’] BS Online service


EU Directives and UK Regulations

All toys must comply with the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC.

PDF A list of other EU Directives that apply to toys can be found here


It is also a requirement that members take prompt and effective action should any of their products breach current safety codes or develop a fault which renders them unsafe. In such cases, and when an enforcement authority makes any allegation of contravention of the toy safety regulations, they are obliged to advise the Association. The reputation of the BTHA and its members depends on our safety record and the remit of the BTHA, therefore, extends beyond simple adherence to codes and regulations and embraces a wide variety of safety related issues.

The Toy Safety Technical Matters (TSTM) committee exists to co-ordinate these toy safety activities and to provide BTHA representation all relevant national and international committees, working parties and conferences.







This document contains guidance only. It is intended to explain obligations and how to fulfil them. However readers are reminded that the text of the original regulation, directive or standard is the only authentic legal reference and that the information in this document does not constitute legal advice. The British Toy & Hobby Association does not accept any liability with regard to the contents of this document.