BTHA chemtrac® Watch List Guide

chemtrac® is a database of more than 150,000 substances which tracks more than 100 EU and global regulations.  It provides a comprehensive tool to check whether any particular substance complies with regulations and European toy standards in the most important toy markets of the world.  chemtrac® also has extensive searching facilities that allows users to narrow down substances in various categories and to cross reference to other substances in the database.  It allows users to understand the substances in products and their associated risks.

chemtrac® will also include a “Watch List” that will track substances commonly used by the toy industry that may soon be added to the regulations.  This will be maintained by the BTHA technical team and will only be available on the BTHA licenced version of chemtrac®.

As a service to its members, the BTHA has secured a group licence to use chemtrac®, FREE OF CHARGE to FULL MEMBERS.

This interactive online tool is continually updated by The Reach Centre’s chemtrac® team and the BTHA technical team will periodically update the Watch List.  (Please remember that printed data may become out of date and the online information should be checked regularly).

chemtrac® does not require detailed chemical knowledge but a broad understanding of chemical regulations would be useful.

If would like to sign up to use chemtrac® and you area a full BTHA member, please forward your company details and contact name to


Members who want to use chemtrac for their own chemicals management and take advantage of the additional features that are available on chemtrac Exclusive (e.g. making your own lists, adding company-specific information) can take out an individual company licence to chemtrac and will benefit from a 25% discounted rate. For more information including prices, please go to