Even though independent inventors/designers are an important source for new product ideas, they often find the toy industry difficult to penetrate. Although the statistics can be daunting, in time and with persistence on your part, a good idea- one that is fully developed to a point where it is presentable in either complete drawings, sketches or prototype format and is legally protected- will be seen.

To calculate realistically your chancesĀ of success before entering into a time consuming and possibly costly effort, you should make an honest evaluation of your personal circumstances, as well as your invention. Are you extremely self-motivated? Can you face business-related obstacles such as strong competition, criticism and rejection? Do you have the time, endurance and financial resources? Some inventors have left their permanent jobs to devote time to their venture, as the ‘turnaround time’ to get a new item on toy retail shelves sometimes exceeds two years. Research, legal fees and production can be expensive too.

As for your invention, there are industry-related questions you must consider: Is it unique? Will it sell? Is it cost-effective? Do you have legal protection? These questions are covered in more detail on the main inventors page.

If you have answered all of the above questions honestly, and have decided that the item you invented and your total commitment to bringing it to the toy marketplace give you a good chanceĀ for success, then you are on your way!