On Thurs 10th November 2011, the BTHA hosted a seminar for its members on sustainability and the importance of emerging environmental issues facing members.

The event took place at BAFTA, London, including a full day of training, a chance to hear from a wide range of speakers on issues surrounding sustainability and an opportunity to put questions to speakers.

Please see presentations below: 

BTHA Importance of emerging issues
BTHA “Packaging in toys and other sectors” study findings 
presented by Mike Coe, Consultant to BTHA
Warnings & Markings 
presented by Jerry Burnie, Chairman of BTHA Technical Committee
A Trading Standards perspective 
presented by Lisa Foster, Lead Officer – Packaging

A Retail perspective 
presented by Laurence Singer, former Consumer Affairs Director, Home Retail Group

Packaging and wider industry perspectives 
presented by Jane Bickerstaffe, INCPEN

Re-use Design 
presented by Dr. Mark Allen, Brunel University

Please contact Matt Jones if you have any queries relating to this event on 020 7701 7127 or by email matt@btha.co.uk