Throughout July 2010, the BTHA hosted three regional member meetings that took place in Leeds, Birmingham and Bracknell.

The meetings were designed to offer practical knowledge on a range of issues facing our membership, and were free to attend.

Details of the day’s presentations can be viewed below.

Natasha Crookes and Roland Earl, BTHA

  • New member services for the BTHA – How and where to find information from the Association to make the most of your membership
  • Make Time 2 Play – A BTHA initiative to promote the value of play

Jerry Burnie, I-Q-S and BTHA Safety Advisor

  • The role and structure of the Toy Safety Committee and the Toy Safety Advisory Service
  • An update on the Toy Safety Directive
  • Guidance and where to find advice from the BTHA

Vince Shiers Ph.D, RQA and Scott Keane / Michael Crabtree, Crisis Management Division, Chartis Insurance 

  • The benefits of recall planning
  • Recall examples and numbers
  • Product recall insurance – triggers and cover

Josh Wong, Partner, DLA Piper, Litigation & Regulatory Advice

  • Contracting with Chinese parties: Key issues to consider when entering into contracts with Chinese parties. How effective are contracts under Chinese law at protecting foreign buyers?
  • Effective Dispute Resolution in China: Best way to resolve disputes with Chinese parties and legal and practical options available to foreign buyers in dispute with Chinese suppliers.
  • Establishing a Presence in China (Joint Venture or Wholly Owned Subsidiary): Potential advantages in having your own sourcing or trading company in China.

Chris Tulley, Partner, DLA Piper, Intellectual Property & Technology

  • Which Intellectual Property Rights Protect Toys?
  • Google Adwords: Is it acceptable to use a competitor’s trade mark in Internet keyword advertising?
  • One Bite At The Cherry:  The wider impact of trade mark revocation and opposition proceedings.

James Dorrell, Giraffe Innovation

  • How to avoid the pitfalls of knee jerk sustainability decisions and the changing environmental climate
  • Design advice: how to use the new BTHA Footprinting & Sustainability Decision Making Tool
  • Practical exercise: re-designing a product using the framework