The British Toy & Hobby Association is keen to work with universities to encourage design students to think of the toy industry as a destination career.

The toy business is a fast moving, fashion industry that has to keep pace with children’s ever-changing tastes and create new, exciting toys for children to play with and enjoy. Although a lot of the manufacturing process is undertaken in the Far East, the UK remains a vibrant source of  innovation in the design and marketing of toys and the industry is constantly on the look out for young, innovative designers who can bring originality to the toys and games market.

Since 2008, the BTHA has invited a number of university design students and their professors to the Toy Fair on the final day of the show each year to attend a seminar, walk around exhibition, and meet the wider industry.

If you are a course leader or a student wishing to attend the Toy Fair please email: 


If you are considering the toy industry as a career you may wish to think about the following points:

  • See if you have a toy company local to your college or home where you could try to get work experience while you study
  • A final year project based on a toy may demonstrate what you are capable of
  • Think about your intellectual property (IP) if you are showing a finished design to the toy industry. Many companies will not look at your design without secure IP arrangements. Visit
  • If you have invented a toy click here.

If you would like to find out about available positions within the industry you could try visiting the jobs pages of the trade publications:


Toys n Playthings

Toy World

Other useful links:

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Espacenet, for searching published patent specifications to determine whether an idea is new