The British Toy and Hobby Association and its members believe that play is essential for the healthy development of all children. For this reason the Association promotes play through the Make Time 2 Play campaign each year and has also written the following series of leaflets to help families to make a little time in the day and to realise the potential of their child through play.


The following leaflets are part of a series aimed at providing guidance for parents/carers/teachers of children with varying special needs. The series of “special needs” leaflets are of importance to the Association as children can often learn through play, as well has having a little fun, when more traditional teaching methods are more difficult for a particular reason.

1. Toys and Play for Children who are blind or partially sighted (full version, large text and text only):


2. Toys and Play for Children with Down’s Syndrome:

3. Toys and Play for Children with Autism:
Leaflet on play for children with autism









4. Toys and play for young deaf children:

NDCS Picture










Throughout the rest of this special needs series we plan to help children with:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • ADD
  • Epilepsy
  • Paraplegia