how we workThe British Toy & Hobby Association was established in 1944 to represent the interests of British toy manufacturers and to raise standards of practice in the industry. Today it has around 130 members ranging from international toy giants to small family-run businesses that together account for over 85% of the UK toy market, valued currently at £3.5bn.

The BTHA carries out its work through five committees that in turn report to the Council;

Technical (Toy Safety) Jerry Burnie
PR and Public Affairs Andrew Laughton
Sustainability Mike Coe (co-chair)
Jerry Burnie (co-chair)
Toy Fair & Events Jon Diver
Charity (The Toy Trust) Foye Pascoe

The members of all of these committees are experienced industry professionals who give up their time to support the toy industry.

The BTHA  Council is the Board of  Directors of the Association. It is made up of 22 toy industry executives from companies representing the breadth of the membership. The Council is led by the Chairman of the Association, who is supported by three other officers; Vice Chairman, President and Vice President. The Council with the support of the committees formulate the strategic direction for the work the Associaion does on behalf of members.

Hedley BARNES Spin Master Toys UK Kevin JONES (President)
Jeremy BURNIE Independent Quality Solutions Richard KEEL Keel Toys
Graham CANNING VTech Electronics Europe Andrew LAUGHTON Zapf Creation UK
Anna CHAPMAN Disney Consumer Products Carl MORAN Flair Leisure Products
Jon DIVER (Chairman) Character Options Christine NICHOLLS Golden Bear Products
Ian EDMUNDS Toymaster Foye PASCOE Hasbro UK
Marina EDWARDS LEGO Company Simon PILKINGTON John Adams Leisure
Mark FOSTER TOMY Europe Philip RATCLIFFE MV Sports & Leisure
Kai HAWALESCHKA DKL Marketing Clive SMITH Bandai UK
Colin HOULIHAN HTI (Halsall Toys Europe) John STEWART Worlds Apart
Clive JONES Clive Jones Leisure

The BTHA represents the interests of the toy industry on a national and an international level, addressing issues and commercial problems which could have a profound effect on the toy business. With Brussels now a predominant force, the BTHA takes a leading role in European discussions and decision making, ensuring that the UK’s toy industry is at the forefront of international affairs.

The BTHA considers its most important duty is to promote the highest possible standards of safety in design and manufacture of toys and in 1989 launched the Lion Mark to assist consumers in identifying safe toys.

The Association also runs the only dedicated toy trade event in the UK – The Toy Fair – which takes place annually at the end of January at Olympia, London. The show exists to give members, and non-members, an opportunity to showcase their products to the wider industry including retailers, buyers, suppliers and the media.