Where can I contact (name of toy company)?
Search the list of BTHA members alphabetically in the online member directory.

Where can I find a list of companies who make (dolls, board games, water toys, etc)?
Search the classified list of BTHA members’ products in the online members’ products directory.

Where can I purchase (name of toy)?
Contact the manufacturer of the toy for a list of retailers in your area that carry the product.

How do I find a toy that is no longer on the market?
The BTHA does not have information on toys that are no longer manufactured. Try antique shops or toy collecting magazines, stalls or websites. Please be vigilant on safety when buying second hand toys and always purchase from a reputable retailer.

I have invented a toy (or game)…
The BTHA does not manufacture toys nor can we refer independent inventors to companies that accept outside ideas as each company policy varies. The BTHA offers advice and information for toy inventors. For more information visit the inventors information page.

I am a student and writing an essay on the UK toy industry. How can I get some background information?
Click on to the Education Section for further information.

I am a toy manufacturer. How can I get information about exhibiting at the Toy Fair at Olympia in London?
Visit the Toy Fair website

I am an importer based in (name of country) and would like to sell your products in my country OR I am an exporter and would like to sell your products outside the UK….
The BTHA is a trade association and does not manufacture any products. See the members section of the website to view contact details of toy manufacturers.

I am interested in toy industry safety standards…
Visit the toy safety area of the website for information on international toy safety standards.

I am interested in the toy industry codes of conduct…
View the BTHA members Code of Practice

Where can I obtain statistics on the UK toy industry and/or worldwide?
You can find general statistics on the European toy industry here. For more UK market statistics contact The NPD Group

Can I link my website to the BTHA website?
The BTHA will not accept links with commercial websites. Members are welcome to link to the BTHA and Make Time to Play websites. Non members should contact the BTHA for an interest in a specific issue.

Where can I find more info on the Value of Play?
Visit the Value of Play section of the website for information on toys and play and the benefits they can bring or visit the Make Time 2 Play website